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Wednesday, December 11, 2002

--- Sorely Posin' Blurbs (a paraphrase) ---

Trent Lott today allowed as how his remarks were "insensitive", bleating "What are you going to say, I wished you'd lost?". OK. Dub this the "Lack of Material" defense.

So what do you say at somebody's 100th birthday celebration when you can't think of anything nice to say? Let's paraphrase the "poorly chosen words" in a different setting.

Occasion? A jocular public affair ... tribute to an aging German marathon record-setter.

Speaking? A major political leader ... the President of the United States.
"I want to say this about my state family:"
(effusive applause)

"When Strom Thurmond Adolf Hitler ran for president campaigned for Law and Order"
(anticipatory chuckles)

"we [Prescott Bush and George Herbert Walker] voted for bankrolled him."
(hoots and hollers ... "wow, that's lettin' it all hang out!")

"We're proud of it!"
("Oh, man, what a set-up line ... what's he got up his sleeve!")

"And if the rest of the country had'a followed our lead"
("here comes the punch line ...")

"we wouldn'ta had all'o these problems over all'o these years, either!"
([dead silence] "Which problems? D-Day? Liberating the death camps? The A-Bomb? The Jews? The French? The Euro? Postmodern architecture? No, wait, the Cold War?!? No. I don't get it. Did I somehow get conveyed into a misimpression that he just embraced the discarded something of the something due to his poor choice of words?")
Are you offended? Praise Godwin, you might well be. Are you sure why? Make it a Joseph P. Kennedy anecdote ... still offended? Probably.

It comes down to this -- even in the highest of high spirits, even if you can think of nothing to say ... you don't say anything like this. You don't even think it. You don't excuse it. And you don't cozy up to anyone who does ... do you?